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Buena Madera: a sonic journey

Hailing from Padua (Italy), the power trio of Buena Madera – Renato Rancan (vocals and guitar), Chris Galletta (vocals and bass), and Mirco Gordiani (drums) – have been active in this formation since autumn 2017. Delivering a unique blend of stoner and alternative metal, Buena Madera’s music merges heavy riffs and propulsive grooves with psychedelic elements, noise, and prog influences.

Inspired by giants like Melvins, Mastodon, Voivod, and Tool, Buena Madera does not simply replicate established genres; they fuse them to create a unique and personal sound. Their music is a vortex of energy that captures the listener and transports them on an introspective journey of reflection and rebellion. Their lyrics explore themes such as alienation, disillusionment, and the search for meaning in today’s society.

Buena Madera has won over audiences with their energetic and engaging live performances, gracing the stages of Northern Italy and reaching the finals of the Veneto Rock Contest. In 2023, they were invited to participate in a Verdena cover project, reinterpreting the song “Nova” with their own peculiar stamp.

A path of growth and refinement. Over the years, Buena Madera has refined their sound, from a self-produced EP in 2018 to the album “Zero” (2020), produced by Enrico Baraldi (sound engineer for Collars, Ornaments, and Zu), both of which have been critically appreciated. 2024 marks the arrival of the upcoming album “Core, a next step in their musical journey.


Demo (2011), EP (2018), Zero (2020), Core (2024, upcoming)

Buena Madera Through the Eyes of Critics:

Tempiduri: “Let’s enjoy this Italian band that will make a great impression abroad, that foreign scene that once snubbed us and that can now rediscover us with pleasure.”

La Grosse Radio Metal (France): “Have you been told yet that Italy is an underrated country when it comes to metal? Zero by Buena Madera is the new proof of that.”

Music.it: “If everyone had the ideas and technique of Buena Madera, maybe there would be no more bad records in circulation.”

Metalwave.it: “The band’s proposal is a skillful and personal blend of progressive and stoner rock structures and passages, all seasoned with vocals that alternate between growls and unbridled screams, delicious for anyone who appreciates them.”

Italia di metallo: “The stoner that merges into prog (the two genres are played to the limits of what we know, often blurring into noise) seems to increase the impact of each song, the distorted voice that is sometimes psychedelic envelops and strangles like a boa, the shouted madness hits the nervous system.”

World of metal (Portugal): “The songs are amazing in the way they take us on this visceral journey.”

Rock Out Stand Out: “The different melodies and beats intertwine to create a hypnotic sound wave that sweeps you away, making you want to lie down on the grass and watch the clouds while your mind stretches out and takes a long break.”